In this fourth article in a series of blog posts in the context of the MISTic project concerning the traffic situation in Brussels in times of Covid-19 restrictions we bring an update of the development of the traffic by comparing it with pre-Covid-19 outbreak times.

The EluciDATA Tech Talks are yearly events focusing on one aspect of the industrial deployment of data innovation and AI. To highlight the importance of data security and data privacy to our EluciDATA Community members, this will form the focus topic of this year’s Tech Talk. The event will take place on 8 December 2020.

In this third article in a series of blog posts in the context of the MISTic project concerning the traffic situation in Brussels in times of Covid-19 restrictions we zoom in on the traffic situation of the small ring of Brussels since the beginning of the restrictions until recently, guided by some elucidating visual analytics.

The new mastercourse ‘The opportunities and challenges of fleet-based analytics’, on 27 January 2020, will provide practical techniques for analysing fleets of machines.

There is much ado about artificial intelligence and machine learning, but what is relevant for you as an industrial? The next in-depth session of the mastercourse ‘Data Innovation beyond the Hype’ takes place on 5 March 2020 and will focus on several state-of-the-art machine-learning approaches that have successfully been applied in industry.

With a new AI-based technology, blood pressure measurements can be taken directly via PPG signals in fingers, wrists or upper arms.

The many years of research together with, and supported by, our industry resulted in a new initiative of the Sirris Data Innovation team: with all your questions and challenges you can now address the Data and Artificial Intelligence Competence Lab. The kick-off takes place on 17 September.

Data science can be very valuable to innovate within several domains, also for SMEs. The EluciDATA mastercourse provides pragmatic and industry-oriented sessions on data-driven innovation. During a special interactive, hands-on session on 31 May, participants will be guided in identifying the potential of solving a particular business challenge in a data-driven way and specifying the data innovation opportunities for their particular business context.

Recently Sirris’s Data Innovation Team participated in two networking events organised in the framework of the upcoming ECSEL call 2018 to find partners and new project proposals relevant for its network of companies. The Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU) is the public-private partnership for electronic components and systems, which financially supports research and innovation projects in this domain.

In cold climates, icing events and long periods with extreme low temperatures may impact the behaviour of standard wind turbines and this reverberates negatively on economics and safety of the wind farm. The behaviour of wind turbines operating in cold climates is studied at an international level by the IEA Wind TCP Task 19, a group of experts, of which Sirris is the representative member for Belgium.