Pascal Pollet

The development of AI technology is going at high speed. A new system shows how images can be generated from text.

Wim Codenie

We are proud to announce that our colleague Elena Tsiporkova is one of the InspiringFifty Deeptech 2021 Winners. InspiringFifty is an initiative run by accelerateHER, increasing diversity in tech, giving women role models the platform and visibility they deserve.

Marie-France Rousseau

The end of 2021 is in sight, the ideal time to thank you for your trust in the past year and to look forward to what the future brings. We have a lot in store for you and would like to give you a hint here.

Kevin Van Vaerenbergh

A small part of discarded household appliances that are now shredded could be reused or refurbished, or their components reused in the refurbishing process. Refurnished household appliances can offer people in energy poverty an alternative to energy-consuming appliances. Through advanced data analytics and cognitive and assistive operator support the efficiency of the refurbishing process can be increased.

Caroline Mair

Few technologies capture the imagination as much as artificial intelligence. Being able to adjust the present or predict the future based on data: which entrepreneur does not want this? Especially in industrial environments, data is considered the new gold. You work not only with data from people, but also from machines. The latter can be adjusted with new insights, in order to optimise the processes. Sounds good in theory, but where to start?

Caroline Mair

Is there business potential in your data? Is your data innovation idea feasible? Can AI help you solve a specific business challenge? And which technology is most suitable to tackle your business challenges? Our experts in data innovation and AI will help you to answer all these questions!

Anna Hristoskova
Nicolás González-Deleito

Recent developments in distributed AI on the edge result in new approaches to secure & targeted distributed analytics. Within Sirris, in the scope of several research projects, we are exploring energy- and resource-efficient scaling of AI-based applications among the existing edge infrastructure, while preserving privacy-sensitive data.

Marie-France Rousseau

Innovation through diversity, it is more than just a noble cause at Sirris. In this context we want to draw your attention to less known facts and figures in a series of blog posts.

Mathias Verbeke

Thanks to the advances of the Internet-of-Things, companies can continuously record data and monitor their (fleet of) assets in real-time. When used properly, this valuable data can help benchmark the performance of those assets, making it possible to determine if and why certain assets are underperforming.

Mathias Verbeke

Nowadays, a wide variety of algorithms is available in different data analytics libraries or toolkits for data analytics. The question is therefore not whether an algorithm exists to solve your problem, but rather which one is the right fit for the job. Learn how to choose the correct algorithm for a specific task in our new two-session webinar on 18 and 21 May.