In a world with shorter attention spans and greater information overload, data visualisation can work wonders for breaking through the noise. In our new webinar ‘The power of data visualisation’, you will learn the fundamentals of data visualisation and the science behind it, and how to apply it to your real-world analyses.

This is the fifth article in a series of blogs on the traffic situation in Brussels in times of COVID-19 restrictions. It is inspired by a recent quote by virologist Steven Van Gucht on people getting around more often again, and the effect this would have on the number of COVID-19 infections.

The Sirris Data and AI Competence Lab (EluciDATA Lab) is relaunching its mastercourse on 'Data Innovation'. In a series of pragmatic and industry-specific sessions and webinars, different aspects which enable data-driven innovation will be explored. We will kick things off with the webinar 'The importance of data exploration and hypothesis building' on 9 and 12 February.

The InsightProducts project focused on supporting companies to improve their product and service offering through a cost-effective approach to relevant and qualitative product data acquisition and use, in view of digital servitisation. In what follows, a short overview of the main project results is provided.

Despite the highly competitive call, all three proposals Sirris submitted, following VLAIO's ICON call on AI, were selected for funding. This will allow Sirris to further support the industry in tackling its real-world challenges related to AI.

For more than thirty years EuroSign, manufacturer of traffic signs from Fernelmont, has been offering standard and customised products with extremely short delivery times. The company is currently developing a project on intelligent traffic signalling that could revolutionise the market.

In this fourth article in a series of blog posts in the context of the MISTic project concerning the traffic situation in Brussels in times of Covid-19 restrictions we bring an update of the development of the traffic by comparing it with pre-Covid-19 outbreak times.

The EluciDATA Tech Talks are yearly events focusing on one aspect of the industrial deployment of data innovation and AI. To highlight the importance of data security and data privacy to our EluciDATA Community members, this will form the focus topic of this year’s Tech Talk. The event will take place on 8 December 2020.

'Umati', the new open standard aims at unifying communication for all machine tools. This will enable user companies to rely on less fragmented solutions and to considerably reduce the commissioning time of new machines. For a machine tool manufacturer, this offers a major and quite unique sales pitch.

In these times of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) we may think that a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or an IIoT backbone has become an absolute requirement to digitally connect the office (the ERP) with the shop floor. In this first of two articles we look at whether this is always the case.