Customised PED Directive training for your company

It goes without saying that as a manufacturer, importer or distributor you have to fully understand the implications connected with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU. Application of this Directive is not always obvious in practice when used with the harmonised EN 13445 standard for guidance. Therefore for a number of years now Sirris has offered training courses, which since recently can be customised to suit your company’s requirements. Here’s a brief explanation of the possibilities available by way of an interesting case study.

Knowing the law is one thing, but implementing it precisely into your own operations can introduce a number of technical challenges. This is why in the past Sirris and its experts have held a number of intensive masterclasses and workshops covering the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Thanks to the fully customised training courses you can now find out what the Directive and harmonised EN 13445 standard could mean for your company. 

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Sirris targets the contents of the training course to the needs of your company with respect to the PED Directive and the harmonised EN 13445 standard. The course mainly consists of various layers, such as a general detailed overview for people who are new to the subject, or as a refresher course for others, and includes a presentation that goes further into the technical requirements and the impact that may have on your activities. The course makes it possible for companies to implement the Directive in practice via the standard regarding the materials, design and manufacture of pressure chambers. The course can also involve Sirris’ partners, including the Belgian Institute of Welding Technology for example.

Hafibo is ready

Hafibo in West-Flanders is a metalworking company offering total solutions for sheet metal working, structural frameworks and industrial piping products. The company really wanted to apply itself to the production of pressure chambers and so they contacted the experts at Sirris. This resulted in arranging an extensive, highly intensive, customised training course at the company.

The course had two major parts aimed at two different departments. The first part explained the more general issues and was aimed at the sales department. Which materials are allowed? What is the difference between ASME and EN13445? What impact does non-destructive testing have on the cost of my product? Which elements have to be included in a technical file? The second part was aimed specifically at the technical department and went deeper into the construction and the strengths and weaknesses of the EN 13445 standard. What information should be included on the materials certificate? What are the leading parameters in our design? What are the requirements regarding manufacture and non-destructive research?

This all meant that the company was able to acquire the necessary knowledge at various levels for the maximum degree of autonomy.

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