Customised additive manufacturing training course for VDAB

Sirris' Additive Manufacturing department created a 'light version' of its 'Design for Additive Manufacturing' masterclass especially for the Flemish Employment and Training Service (VDAB). It was based on the experiences gained from previous masterclasses, as well as the wide-ranging knowledge and infrastructure already found at Sirris in Seraing.

At the request of VDAB, Sirris experts Stijn Lambrechts and Simon Vermeir put on a 'light version' of the 'Design for Additive Manufacturing Masterclass' that took place at Sirris in Seraing at the beginning of this summer. Sirris regularly disseminates its knowledge about AM to companies via their masterclasses, which can also be given in-house as customised versions in order to meet specific company requirements.

Masterclass content

During the one-day session, a group of 45 participants, consisting of VDAB instructors, designers and mechanics, were immersed in the basics of 3D printing. The introduction was followed by a discussion about the definition and hype surrounding 3D printing. Next was an interactive session, where with the aid of a number of practical examples, an attempt was made to identify the driving force behind the 3D printing of products that is replacing the more conventional manufacturing processes.

After going over a number of different technologies, all supported by striking examples, information was given about the parameters that should be taken into account when designing products for printing. Krist Mielnik, Precision Manufacturing Engineer at Sirris, ended the session with a presentation about the printed AMT Titastar drill, where the best possible finishing process was factored into the design. The event closed with a detailed visit to the additive manufacturing infrastructure at Seraing.

"Completely up to date"

Wim Van de Moortel from VDAB looks back on a successful day out: "The training course gave an overview and a realistic picture of the technology involved in additive manufacturing.

Professional speakers provided us with a varied programme with a good mix of theory and practice that was complemented with a visit to the laboratories afterwards. Thanks to this one-day training course we're now pretty well up-to-date with the principles and opportunities presented by additive manufacturing as a production technology, either side-by-side or in combination with existing technologies. In the next phase we’ll be looking at how we can build additive manufacturing competences into our training courses."

Sirris can boast more than 25 years of experience and in-depth knowledge about additive manufacturing technologies. A fifth masterclass titled 'Design for Additive Manufacturing' has already been planned for the spring of 2016 (3-day training course).