Controlling and managing your oil consumption

To control your oil consumption, simply screw the small Full Up gauge onto the tank then download the appropriate application and save the tank measurements on your smartphone. Sirris contributed towards the device's development.

Full Up, a Namur-based start-up, has developed a smart device for measuring oil tank levels, together with a smartphone application to analyse the information provided by the probe.

The product comprises an ultrasound measurement sensor, a WiFi-connected transmitter and a battery. These components are embedded within a device which is screwed onto the tank. The product includes a smart application that enables the user to permanently monitor the oil level in order, not only to avoid breakdown, but also to control consumption, place an order, observe price fluctuations in real time, etc. 

Sirris looked after developing the case which houses the electronic components, integrating fastening devices and executing the device's 'smart' functionalities, as well as conducting research and development on a high-performance ultrasound emission/reception cone (shape, frequency, material, surface aspect, etc.) The device also includes an ambient temperature sensor to calculate corrections to US propagation speed. 

The case design incorporates a choice of materials (body, glue, resin, etc.) that satisfy not only mechanical but also chemical specifications since the probe can be left in contact with the oil, whilst considering ATEX regulations. Other design constraints include the case's absolute water tightness and the perfect embedding of components. An integrated antenna ensures communication via the Lora network. 

Finally, Full Up had set cost price objectives based on anticipated production which were to be considered during the design phase. 

The design process involved several iterations. An initial prototype enabled necessary modifications to be identified, whilst a second was 3D printed in order to validate resulting choices.