Conference and trade fair for smart electronic systems

The internationally oriented Smart Systems Industry Summit (SSIS) will be offering a unique platform for networking and doing business with its conference and trade fair on 20 October. The event brings together all the big players, companies and innovators in the field of smart electronic systems. Naturally Sirris will also be there thanks to the WalSmart initiative.

The conference offers companies and organisations within their respective ecosystems to show off their results and achievements in various application domains. On one of the days, the participants will be given an update on all the local expertise, plus a sneak preview of what the future has in store for them in the domains of 'Smart Health', 'Smart Vehicles', 'Smart Home and Cities', 'Smart Vision', 'Smart Security' and 'Smart Power'. More than 32 specialists from the smart electronic systems domain will speak at each of these six tracks.

Trade fair

The trade fair runs simultaneously with the conference, with stands from more than 30 companies and organisations who will be presenting their most recent functionalities, products, services and business ideas. This event provides a unique opportunity whether you are seeking inspiration for the next generation of technological developments, product applications, or proposals for a new contract. There are ample facilities at the trade fair for doing business and networking.


WalSmart will also be there with its own stand. It will be displaying smart products and systems emerging from the Sirris, Multitel Centexbel, CRM and CEWAC initiative, which are now possible thanks to the evolution of innovative control systems. The aim of these products and systems is to take measurements from their surroundings in order to interact. As a result of bundling their strengths, the five partners offer a series of complementary competences containing all aspects for linking into functionalities such as sensors, communications, data manipulation, etc., and integrating them in products and systems, including materials, processes, microfabrication and packaging.

SSIS takes place on 20 October in Mechelen, Belgium. Further information is available here!