Composite materials - always the best choice?

Composites are versatile materials. Because everyone sometimes needs inspiration from another perspective, Sirris is organising a crash course and a series of masterclasses on this subject. We provide a broad base of information on various issues relating to composites, always with the necessary depth. (in Dutch)

Making the right choices is the key to any breakthrough with lightweight composite components. Questions about product value, product costs, production costs, development costs and risks are difficult to assess when it comes to less familiar materials such as composites. In addition, the wide range of materials and processes available complicates the decision.

In the 'CompositeBoost' project we provide, organised into six topics, the missing tools and methodologies that allow designers and OEMs to make the right choices. The masterclasses, demonstrators and exploration cases will transform the composite fabricator into a reliable manufacturing company and partner. This keeps our companies competitive against other countries.

Successful Flemish composite products - it can be done!

How do you choose the best production method for your new design? And what is the price? And what about the sustainability of composites? How do you replace a metal with a composite? Come to the first masterclass in late November and discover new tools that can quickly enrich your business!

Use the right tools to substantiate choices

Are you totally unfamiliar with composite materials and their fabrication methods? Then you should take a crash course on 20, 25 or 27 October. This doesn’t have to mean taking an extra bite out of your budget as the price of the crash course will be deducted if you take part in one of the Composites Masterclasses.