Compensating spindle vibration with counter-vibrations

The EMO fair in Hanover took place recently. The theme this year at the machining trade fair was Industry 4.0. Siemens presented their Active Vibration Absorber Unit at EMO Hanover that attenuates vibrations with counter-vibrations.

The module can be mounted to a spindle or on a table and damps down vibration with counter-vibration. Vibration is one of the most significant causes of tool wear that often results in poor quality products. They leave traces behind and can eventually lead to tool breakages. For years now researchers and companies have been searching for ways of measuring, predicting and eliminating vibrations.

Siemens’ system measures the vibration with sensors, then activates at the right frequency thereby providing compensation. It only works in one direction (e.g. either X or Y). More than one system should be fitted if the vibrations arise in different directions. The system is easy to install if the machinery is equipped with Siemens Sinumerik controls. If not, an extra module is needed to make the conversion.