Companies in the border regions heading towards Factory 4.0

Are you an SME involved in manufacturing, located either in Wallonia, East or West Flanders and also thinking about making changes to meet Industry 4.0?  If so, we have good news for you!

Time and time again Interreg Europe proves that innovation can be found in collaborative projects between regions and over borders. Factory 4.0 is the latest project within the European Interreg France-Wallonia-Flanders programme aimed at supporting companies in their transformation towards becoming factories of the future. Five regions in France and Belgium are involved in the programme - Hauts-de-France and Grand Est regions in France, and Wallonia and West and East Flanders in Belgium - to stimulate social and economic exchanges in the border regions, as well as promoting and reinforcing innovation and sustainability. The project involves close collaboration among partners, NFID, Mecanov, Cetim, CITC, Pôle Mécatech, POM West Flanders and Sirris.

The project is aimed at bringing together shared expertise while simultaneously exploiting the potential of each of the regions for the benefit of the people living in these areas. This is done by accelerating the transformation process of companies to become Industry 4.0 factories of the future. The target group includes all SMEs in the project region who are involved in manufacturing.

Project strategy

The 3-phase strategy supports companies in making the transformation. Each company can select the steps it wants to take based on its own specific requirements and challenges.

Possible action plans can be aimed at new technologies for the benefit of productivity, or for adapting your processes to changes in your activities or in the market, or for improving your energy and environmental efficiency, or for developing the skills and potential of your workforce.

In addition, the project also gives access to an interregional network of companies and organisations. 

You can find further information and the strategy on our website.