Companies are transforming, Sirris evolves with them

Ever since its creation, our organisation has never stopped innovating and modernising, in terms of both the technological areas where we provide support for companies and our range of services. For the past 10 years it has been doing this under the name 'Sirris'. This 10th anniversary was celebrated with a party and the publication of the Sirris Annual Report 2016.

In 2007, our organisation decided it would adopt a single name for its activities. We recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of this change of name, along with a select group of partners from industry who have helped to make Sirris the organisation it is today. We took this opportunity to show how our many years of partnership with you have enabled us to translate the needs of industry into six innovative areas which we will continue to invest in and work on with you.

Investing in technology and satisfaction

To ensure that Sirris stays in touch with the needs of industry and understands where it needs to get to in its development to stay competitive, in 2016 we conducted a survey involving 500 companies operating in the technology industry and hailing from all over the country. This showed that a massive 50% of the respondents automatically think of Sirris when they need assistance with technological innovation matters, while we are the first choice for 35%. Since a similar survey in 2011 we have not only become more familiar to industry, with the percentage of those who were well aware of us rising from 33% in 2011 to 50% in 2016, but the number of unsolicited requests for support from us has also shot up 10%, once again very much confirming our strong reputation as a collective center for industry with an expert knowledge of groundbreaking new technologies.

In 2016, companies called in Sirris for advice and support for 1,734 industrial projects and 126 collective research projects, and we were responsible for numerous interventions at 1,334 companies. All this resulted in a turnover of some €23 million, meaning that Sirris has the resources it needs to continue investing, now and in future, in innovation and supporting our companies. Especially in these turbulent times, we want to keep playing a key role for industry, with our multidisciplinary character and cross-functional approach proving real assets as they grapple with technological challenges.

Accordingly, Sirris is continuing to work on substantive innovations itself and keeps on raising the bar. In this light, in 2016 we embarked on a major transformation project over three years (2017‑2020) with a view to staying one step ahead of the challenges facing companies and so helping them further.

You can find out how we are approaching this in practice and which companies used our services last year in the Sirris Annual Report 2016 which is now online.