Cobots, precision technology and smart coatings attract more than 550 visitors

The two Sirris sites in Diepenbeek took part in the Open Companies Day on Sunday 2 October. Visitors were able to tour through the new infrastructure for coatings, precision production and automation and were shown numerous inspiring applications made possible by these technologies.

What do ‘invisible’ coatings look like and what do they do? How do you actually teach a robot to coat items? Just how precise is ‘precise’, and how do you measure it? Can you use a laser to harden items while they’re still being processed? How do you deploy robots when they’re either next to, or even have to work with personnel? 

More than 550 visitors received answers to all these questions during the Open Companies Day at our two sites. In the Smart Coating Application Laboratory you were able to find out more about our intelligent spray robot that can wet spray different materials. In the Precision Production Laboratory we presented our fully climate-controlled precision production environment and also the brand new metal-processing technology used to carry out our highly complex milling operations - the popular cartoon figure Scooby-Doo was given a gleaming finishing layer, cryogenic treatment and laser hardening as a striking example of what is now possible.  

Finally the cobots in the Smart Production Laboratory showed everybody what they can really do. Robots took portrait photos, another one could very gently put a stamp on your hand, and a colleague scanned people into the computer. All of this was supervised by the Sirris experts who made themselves available to the many eager spectators for answering questions and giving explanations. 

Take a look at our Companies Open Day film clip!