Cobots open up a new world of opportunities on the shop floor

Using Cobots... where do you start? This was the approach taken at our hands-on workshop in Diepenbeek on 10 November. During the theoretical and practical sessions the participants learned step-by-step how to deploy a collaborative robot on the shop floor.

Cobots ensure that production lines can be automated flexibly. The list of possibilities for using cobots is virtually endless, but how do you actually get started?

Eight companies with either a little or no experience in company automation signed up for the workshop. Together with the experts from Sirris they started to find a properly structured approach.

The short introduction covered various general aspects of using collaborative robots and was followed by the practice session for which the group was divided up into four smaller groups/workplaces, giving each participant the maximum opportunity to get involved. The practice session was followed by a demonstration of Sirris’s Baxter and LBR iiwa cobots. The workshop concluded with a series of guidelines containing aspects that should be taken into consideration when assessing whether it is worth deploying a cobot.

Reactions from the people taking part included the following:

“A new horizon opens up before us.”

“Very interesting workshop, to the point, nicely arranged content - not too heavy, but also not too light.”

“I’m really impressed by the sensitivity and the accuracy of the LBR iiwa”.

“It’s amazing how quickly you can master the UR”.

“We started using vision systems ten years ago in our production department and they’re still working well, but now I can see how much progress is being made with GUI. This creates perspective for a lot of applications at our company”.

Another chance 

Did you want to join this hands-on workshop about cobots, but were unable to attend? We’re going to give you another chance on 24 January 2017! Sirris is organising a second workshop at its site in Kortrijk. You can find further information and registration details on our agenda.

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