climatic test chamber, cold climate, testing

Sirris uses its large climatic test chamber for research, test and validation projects of different electro-mechanical systems that need to work in harsh and extreme climatic environments. Next to testing under extremely low temperatures it is now possible to carry out tests in icy conditions, as ice build-up often forms a serious problem in cold climates.

In the first half year of 2016, a climatic test program was conducted on a Siemens 15 MVA transformer in OWI-Lab’s large climatic test chamber.

Solar cells as well as wind turbines have to work in a reliable and safe way during their lifetime in all climates worldwide. This is why OWI-Lab has performed extended climatic tests on power electronics (inverters) for the solar power market.

Patrolmen in our areas are often much busier once the winter really kicks in and temperatures drop. Engines and other car components really suffer in low temperatures and sometimes end up breaking down. Although this is peanuts compared with what machinery and vehicles are faced with in extreme climates. How do people deal with this?