Change chucks in less than 3 minutes

SCHUNK, German manufacturer of clamping technology and gripping systems, has developed a chuck quick-change system which enables rapid chuck change for chuck sizes up to 630 mm in less than three minutes with excellent repeat precision (< 0.01 mm). It can be reliably loosened and locked using just a single set screw.

The drawn nut of the turning machine is automatically connected to the chuck and centered with great precision thanks to the patented flexible cone. A patented fast power stroke guarantees enormous pull-in forces, an optimal flat work surface and maximum rigidity of the connection. 

Almost all turning machines can be retrofitted with the SCHUNK jaw quick-change system. It is suitable for both manual and power chucks. The actuation force (70 .. 150 kN) and maximum speed (3,500 .. 6,000 rpm) are not diminished during the process. Due to the low installation height, reductions of the installation space are minimal. With its large through-hole, the system is also well-suited for use in modern turning centres. Existing devices can be adapted to the system with minimal effort and re-used.

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