CG Power Systems tests its transformers under extreme climatic conditions

By testing prototypes of different versions in the climate chamber, global player in the wind industry, CG Power Systems, can bring new models to market more quickly, safe in the knowledge that they will perform in extreme conditions.

As a leading manufacturer of wind turbine transformers, Mechelen-based CG Power Systems is continuously researching ways of making electrical machinery lighter and more compact without compromising on power. A small, light transformer not only takes up less space in the turbine but also costs less to install. Before a new model comes to market, it is tested to ensure that it can withstand extreme climatic conditions. For this, CG Power Systems relies on the test facilities and expertise of the Sirris OWI Lab. The OWI Lab has one of the largest climatic test chambers in Europe and is used to carry out functional climatic test campaigns for cold, hot and tropical climates. The facility can accommodate and functionally test machinery weighing up to 150 tonnes.  

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