CES 2016 - Welcome to the world of the future!

Visiting the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016 in Las Vegas confirms the vision of the Sirris Masterplan, especially in terms of connected products.

With more than 3,000 exhibitors and more than 170,000 visitors, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas represents the premier and largest professional show dedicated to electronics for the general public. Ahead of the marketing phase, it's the occasion for many industrialists to spot the products of the future and market trends.

This year, the predominance of innovative start-ups and technologies linked to the Internet of Things confirms the vision of the programmes developed as part of the Sirris and Agoria Masterplan.

The products of the future - interconnected, intelligent and durable

In the fields of fitness, sport and biotech, many companies and start-ups have sensors capable of measuring the least efforts in movement or at rest. For example BewellConnect is developing arterial tension sensors, electrodes for electrocardiograms, glucose sensors and connected thermometers. The information is securely interlinked and set against the patient's file. A powerful algorithm then correlates the information and proactively calls a doctor if specific symptoms are detected.

On the household appliances market, the major manufacturers are offering all their fridges, freezers, washing machines or dryers connected.  Samsung is offering a connected fridge with a 21.5 inch screen.

The fridge lets you watch TV, automatically order missing products, manage a diary, and prepare recipes according to the ingredients in the fridge. Intelligent, its screen only comes on when people are present in the kitchen; it also checks the state of conservation of the food.

In the automobile sector, all car makers are presenting the progress of their R&D work on autonomous connected vehicles. The technology is ready, the LIDAR radar is miniaturised, the cameras are more powerful and the algorithmic processing platforms are increasingly fast. The only obstacle to the driverless car remains a purely legal one. 

Portable connected technologies are developing. From glasses to bracelets and watches, all the articles and accessories of everyday life are becoming intelligent. 

The emergence of drones of all sizes and all technologies demonstrates a booming sector. Manufacturers are competing in ingenious ways to reduce sizes and weights, and to continuously increase performance.

CES 2016 was also symbolic in making virtual reality technology available to the general public. Some ten manufacturers of glasses presented their headsets and software. The applications are many and varied: from games to industrial applications, virtual reality (VR) promises in 2016 to be the next evolution of the visual interface.

The intelligent home sector finally confirmed its maturity on the market. From connected switches to locks including air conditioning, all household furnishings are interconnecting. The dream of an intelligent home financially affordable for everyone has now finally become a reality. Standards are being established, the products are more generalised and the offer is growing day by day.

The first domestic robots are appearing timidly and the concept of collaborative business is being augmented by yet more effective systems of measurement and remote control.

The personal 3D printer is increasingly a commodity: smaller, easier to use, and cheaper, it is becoming a further accessory to be added to one's personal computer installation.

As for the television sector this is seeing the emergence of OLED technology capable of transforming a glass pane of 5 mm into a TV screen, ultra-high-definition and wide curved screens (88 inch). Larger, more curved, more powerful and finer seem to be the key words in this market.


The smartphone is increasingly becoming the central interface for interconnected lifestyles. From health to professional life including entertainment and well-being, the phone is and will be in the coming years the unique central point of an interconnected life!

Welcome to the world of the future!