The legal data for patents of the Belgian Register will be accessible in the European Register.

In 2018 Espacenet - a free service for searching more than 100 million patent documents worldwide - will have expanded features.

A webcast for understanding what costs should be planned for when you want to file a patent.

OPRI has released some data on Belgian patents and patent applications and on Benelux marks coming from Belgium.

In general the cost of a patent is high. Before starting to file a patent application, you should think about the expenses incurred against the expected benefits. This webcast explains what costs should be allowed for according to the territories in which protection of your invention is required.


118 grants for patent filing were awarded in the Walloon Region in 2016. Businesses in the Biotechnology and Health sector were particularly represented.

Statistics indicate an important increase in patent applications across the globe for 2015 (2.9 million) under the impetus of China. Other intellectual property rights continue to enjoy increased success.

A brand new function enables PATENTSCOPE users to conduct searches by chemical structure included in patent documents. This function recognises the names of chemical compounds or their structures, based on diagrams included in patent applications.

The Proterra start-up is releasing its patents on the rapid recharging of electrical vehicles to accelerate development of the market.