The EPO is offering an updated version of its online tutorial on the European Patent Register that includes its recent changes.

The European trade mark has growing success with companies.

Some figures on patents filed in Belgium and patents filed by Belgian companies in Europe.

The EPO has launched a new version of the Espacenet database that is richer and friendlier.

At the end of 2018 the European Patent Office organised its first conference on the patentability of Blockchain and its applications.

If you have questions on particular aspects of intellectual property, Sirris has produced relevant videos for you!

How to read a patent, especially the claims, and how to interpret them as an engineer and not as a lawyer or patent specialist.

A webcast describes the subsidies available to companies for filing patents in the Walloon Region.

The legal data for patents of the Belgian Register will be accessible in the European Register.

In 2018 Espacenet - a free service for searching more than 100 million patent documents worldwide - will have expanded features.