Want to know more about the latest cross-over innovations? You may want to attend the ‘Life-on-Chip Conference - Enabling personalized medicine through cross-over innovation’ on 20 and 21 February. The conference aims at speeding up the innovation process towards new healthcare solutions by bringing together international players active in this cross-disciplinary domain, helping and stimulating them to do business and set up new partnerships for cooperative R&D projects.

With a new AI-based technology, blood pressure measurements can be taken directly via PPG signals in fingers, wrists or upper arms.

The Bio-Manufacturing project, coordinated by Sirris, has been elected by the Walloon Region to participate in the RegioStars Awards, that rewards the best European regional projects.

The goal of Life-on-Chip, which took place in Leuven on 22 February, was to speed up the innovation process towards new healthcare solutions. The conference focused on the cross-fertilisation potential between several cutting-edge technologies, such as microfluidics, which was discussed by the experts of Sirris's Micro Lab and Product Development Hub.

Sirris is taking part in a seminar on biomedical engineering and is taking this opportunity to present the contributions of additive manufacturing techniques.