The Belgian Startup Landscape is now available in book form

The phenomenon of startups is turning into a permanent business model destined to survive the current hype. Omar Mohout, who is an expert in the Software Engineering & ICT department at Sirris, has published a book that takes a look at how such businesses operate, while simultaneously providing a wide-ranging overview of the startup landscape in Belgium.

Omar: "There's no doubt that digitisation is driving society through substantial transformation. And startups are playing a major role in this. Whether we like it or not, we can no longer avoid startups. In this era where smartphones and tablets dominate, it is easily the most distinctive business model. The current hype surrounding startups makes it appear to be a temporary phenomenon, which some people would happily see blow over. But is this actually the case, or is it relentlessly undermining the more traditional business models? " 

The book reveals the fascinating world of startups along with a detailed look at startups in Belgium. It tells us exactly what a startup is, and where it comes from. 

This book is not just aimed at those already involved, or even interested in startups, but it is also for anybody who wants to know in which direction the economy is evolving. It takes the reader on a journey full of surprises and unique ways of thinking. It explains why startups can be found everywhere, as if a new sort of gold rush, as well as what lies behind the concepts, both loved and loathed, and why unicorns live in this fantasy, and also why the new heroes seem to remain in a state of perpetual youth. 

The book 'Het Belgische startup landschap' [The Belgian Startup Landscape] will be available from 15 December. Click here to order the book.