The Belgian Office for Intellectual Property (OPRI): some figures

OPRI has released some data on Belgian patents and patent applications and on Benelux marks coming from Belgium. 

Belgian patents 

1,173 national patent applications were filed with OPRI in 2016, that is 7% more than in 2015. In total, this represents an increase of 33% since 2012.

Of these 1173 Belgian patent applications, 90% were filed by Belgian residents; 20% of the applications were filed with priority. 

1,620 patents were issued, a large number due in particular to the delay accumulated in 2015. This delay is linked to various factors including the number of applications for Belgian patents and the requests for accelerated issue occasioned by the tax deduction system for income generated by patented inventions.

Today, OPRI's workforce has been strengthened given the reforms adopted by the government as part of its policy in favour of promoting innovation (law of 9 Feb 2017 on the new tax deduction system). 

European patents 

Following the implementation of the London Protocol, since 1 Jan 2017 Belgium no longer requires the translation of European patents which, from this date, are delivered, modified or limited. These patents automatically become effective in Belgium: from this date, an identical system applies to all European patents, whether issued in English, French or German.

Benelux marks

Applications for Benelux marks of Belgian origin are increasing and reached 6,305 in 2016.

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