Become the architect of your circular business model

Your company will undoubtedly start doing a lot more with circular economy in the years ahead. Why? It allows you to do business while caring for the environment, it helps you increase your financial strength and stimulates innovation. Smart waste handling is only a small part of the story. You can become circular by rethinking business models and logistic systems and by redesigning products. Sirris and Agoria are organising a bootcamp to help you get started!

You believe in circular entrepreneurship and you already have an idea, but what is this idea worth? How to check the added value which can be contributed by this first idea? How to test whether your idea works in reality and whether it could conquer the market? What to pay attention to next when converting a good and validated idea into a successful new activity? And what will the new activity mean for your organisation and for the value chain you operate in? 

Find out during the residential bootcamp ‘Business Modelling for your Circular Economy ideas’ organised by Sirris and Agoria on 22 and 23 March. You don't only get an answer to the above questions, thanks to the interactive and ‘learning-by-doing’ approach with individual exercises, group discussions and a hands-on toolkit developed especially for this bootcamp and which joins methodologies for ‘business modelling’ and for circular entrepreneurship, you will also become the architect of your future circular business model.

‘From Idea to Impact’

In less than two days you will go from an early circular economy idea to:

  • A documented ‘Circular Business Model Canvas’. You will make a well-organised overview of your business model with nine building blocks. You will describe the earnings model, the added value, customers, relations and suppliers.
  • A set of concrete validation steps and a risk analysis and how to manage all of it.
  • A clear insight in how your business model interacts with that of other stakeholders in your (new) value chain and how to exploit this even further.
  • A new high-impact pitch to achieve a supporting base for both internal and external stakeholders.

Bootcamp content

  • An intensively guided process in four steps (clarify – identify – fortify – defy) which will lead you to a well-elaborated circular model.
  • A hands-on toolkit to visualise and further develop your own circular business model (based on the latest insights from Alex Osterwald, Steve Blank, MIT ...).
  • A whitepaper which explains - on the basis of cases - how to implement circular economy in your company.
  • Two posters displaying your own specific results: a completed ‘Circulair Business Model Canvas’ and a visualised value chain.
  • Organised action lists for your case based on systems, teams, issues and their potential solutions.

The bootcamp will take place in English under the intensive guidance of experienced Agoria and Sirris coaches. The bootcamp takes place on 22 March (09.30-21.00) and 23 March (9.00-13.00), and costs € 1,000 per person. To get the most out of the workshop it is recommended that two persons participate - someone with a business development background and someone with knowledge about the specificity of your product and processes.

Interested in this unique two-day workshop? Register by sending an e-mail to Don’t wait too long! Availability is limited to guarantee optimal interaction and counselling.