Bavarian factory of the future reveals its secrets

We visited the factory in the spring for inspiration. Now the German factory of the future is coming here to allow Belgian industry to take a look behind the scenes. At the Factory of the Future Awards presentation being held in February next year, Gunter Beitinger, Vice President & Plant Manager at the Siemens factory in Amberg, will be talking about the digital future of manufacturing.

In June this year Sirris and Agoria, together with our own factories of the future, being the eleven winners of the Factory of the Future award here in Belgium, headed to Bavaria for an exclusive guided tour of Siemens’ electronic components factory.

Digital success story

At its facilities in Amberg, Siemens manufactures among other things PLCs (used for machinery automation) and intuitive operating interfaces (HMI). Established in 1989, the factory has carried out a very impressive transformation project over the last few years in order to achieve its ambitions regarding productivity, process flexibility and quality. Today the results of this project are evidenced by its heavily automated production environment where IT systems control all the processes and dynamic optimisation based on continuous data exchange between the machines and the actual products manufactured. Although the machines and computers control around 75 per cent of the production chain fully automatically, the human contribution remains essential and even desirable for the supervision and execution of specific manual tasks, and of the course the creative elements.

Inspiring figures

Every day 120 different models (from around 1,000 possibilities) of the Simatic PLC roll off the production line in Amberg for customers all over the world. The factory produces around 12 million completed components per year virtually fault-free: the reliability ratio is currently over 99.99 per cent. This has all been made possible with digitisation by way of monitoring, production management, planning and quality follow-up actions.

Be inspired!

Curious to know the full story about the transformation that took place at Siemens Amberg? On Thursday 2 February 2017 Gunter Beitinger, Vice President of Manufacturing at Siemens and Plant Manager at the factory in Amberg will be at the presentation of the Factory of the Future Awards. In his keynote speech he will reveal the most important breakthroughs achieved during the transformation project, from the most far-reaching digitisation of countless processes and the enormous impact it has had on the task specifications, through to personnel deployment in the factory.

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