The autumn Factory of the Future Road Show

FOF Awards

Curious to see what the inside of a Factory of the Future looks like? Agoria is presenting a new series of company visits to the winners of the Factory of the Future Award.

Belgium has acquired 16 factories of the future since 2 February. These highly successful manufacturing companies chose to increase their competitiveness by applying integrated transformation processes from the Made Different action plan set up by Sirris and Agoria. They have advanced so far in these processes that they already meet all the criteria for becoming nominated as 'Factory of the Future'.

They have made smart investments in further automation and digitisation of their production equipment for example, as well in their employees. They therefore now find themselves in a position where they are so flexible, efficient and cost effective that they can innovate competitively, thereby anchoring the production activities in our country.

You can put your name down for three company visits of your choice. Don’t waste time, go to Agoria’s website now for more information!