Argon revolutionizing with 3D measurement in manufacturing environments

In addition to the first four Factories of the Future, Belgium has many other companies that are booming. One of these companies is ARGON Measuring Solutions, a market leader providing 3D measurement services. The engineers help clients throughout Europe with dimensional challenges connected to products and processes. The company uses exclusively state-of-the-art measuring equipment for the solutions and services that it offers.

Since it was founded in 2004, Argon has grown steadily. Initially the company provided the local market with measurement services. Today ARGON is a market leader in Benelux, can count itself among the largest metrology service providers in Europe, and serves sectors such as automotive, aviation and energy worldwide, with top-tier clients such as Audi, Airbus and General Electric in its portfolio. ARGON revolutionises the manufacturing processes of their clients by integrating 3D measurement. 

Doing more with 3D

Today ARGON integrates technology for creating 3D scans into a variety of production lines. This innovative business idea originated in 2011 with a client who manufactures fuel tanks and who wanted to be able to adjust their production process more quickly. A complete 3D copy of a product was made, whereas traditionally information was only supplied point by point. As soon as a complete 3D copy is available, much more can be reported, and it becomes possible to see exactly where the problems are located; process parameters can be specifically adapted in a focused manner to achieve the desired geometric quality much more rapidly.

The integration of 3D measurements into a manufacturing environment provides a range of benefits for the clients. For example, information is made available more quickly, it is more qualitative, more visual, gives more insight and can also be integrated well into their actual processes. In this way they can achieve production start-up more quickly. Typically a 30% time savings is possible. During mass production, the manufacturing can also be followed much more rapidly and feedback can be realized more quickly. The maintenance procedures can also be made more efficient and faster.

Strong today, ambitious for tomorrow

Thanks to its innovative approach, in the past ARGON has built a strong reputation as a partner for enterprises of all sizes. Since the engineers work on site and interact extensively with the client, they know quite specifically what the needs are and thus can be truly responsive. They truly adapt the reports, measurement methods, and servicing to the [client’s] needs.

The results are impressive, and Argon is working on a strong growth track. The plant in Leuven now has 30 employees and 2 offices in other countries. The ambitions are high for the coming years as well: the company wants to multiply its business by five-fold based on a 3D business model supported on the three pillars 'what', 'where' and 'how'. It wants to develop new niche applications and sell them worldwide. It would do this by setting up local branches to better serve the local market. For this reason it is getting away from purely providing services and evolving toward offering solutions - integrated measurement solutions on the production line - and therefore is also offering hardware and software.

During four weeks, Canal Z in the Z-Industry program is presenting four role models for making successful transformations for further growth. One of these is ARGON. Take a look at the video here:  

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