An AM masterclass highly appreciated by the industry

The 'Additive Manufacturing' masterclass met expectations perfectly. The intended limited number of participants showed more involvement and interaction than we usual see at conferences. The four experts on the subject explained the various views, applications and possibilities of AM at a high level.

Participants - the initially intended number of 35 was largely exceeded by the great demand from the industry - were hardly able to take it all in during the four hour series of complementary lectures. 

Terry Wohlers (USA), the world authority on AM, reviewed the evolution of techniques using numerous photos and figures, paying particular attention to major investments that were made or have been planned in Asian countries. 

Olaf Diegel (Auckland, New Zealand) provided an original touch with innovative applications of additive techniques in fields where creativity is paramount. He gave us the impression that the solutions provided by AM techniques are infinite. 

Lunch had already helped foster links between participants who came from a range of industrial sectors (aviation, automobile, energy, biomedical, etc.). The break helped create discussions in small groups around demo pieces and guitars designed and manufactured by Olaf Diegel using polyamide laser sintering.  

The speech by Claudio Dalle Donne (EADS Innovation Works, Germany) was more something for aviation or automobile technicians, with concrete and scientific developments about materials, mechanical proprieties, quality control and certification. The technologies concerned are the same as the T-ADD department that Sirris operates: Electron Beam Melting and Laser Beam Melting.

Finally, the day ended with a presentation by Bill Cass on intellectual property and patents, a hot topic considering the constant development in the field of AM and the appearance of small 3D printers for the general public. 

The satisfaction survey of participants showed a particularly high level of appreciations, which everyone thought was truly of a very high level.  

From left to right: Olaf Diegel, Bill Cass, Claudio Dalle Donne, Terry Wohlers, Thierry Dormal

This masterclass has been organised within the framework of the AO project "Netshape van metalen producten als sleuteltechnologie voor massacustomisatie", with the support of: