Aiming for improvement together at Katacon

Katacon Europe takes place on 18 and 19 April in Amsterdam. You can expect a full agenda with lots of inspiring workshops, study visits, presentations and testimonies of leading organisations. A highlight of the programme is undoubtedly the presence of Nobel Prize winner Professor Carl Wieman.

Kata turns scientific thinking into a skill that can be learned and practised by everyone. It is an efficient strategy for organisation to successfully achieve seemingly unattainable goals through learning, systematic improvement and innovation.

During Katacon Europe you will learn more about the quickly growing world of Kata practitioners in Europe. You can choose from 30 instructive sessions - workshops, study visits, quick break-out sessions and in-depth discussions. Also if you consider to upscale Kata you can learn a lot from the practical examples. At the conference Mike Rother will share his new insights written down in two new books ‘Toyota Kata Culture’ and ‘Toyota Kata Practice Guide’.

Other topics: examples of Kata in agile transformations, from mature users at management level, Kata at Shell, first-hand experience from Toyota, comparisons of Kata with other coaching and development methods ... One of the highlights is probably Mike Rother’s conversation with Noble Prize winner professor Carl Wieman.

Katacon, co-organised by Sirris, takes place on 18 and 19 April (preconference on 17 April) in B. Amsterdam. More information is available in our agenda.