Manie Conradie

Recently, the Sirris experts from the Smart Assembly & Production Application Lab helped a company by developing a demonstrator to show that an idea for a new product was technically feasible and practicable.


Federico Brinchilin
Jan Kempeneers

Decreasing the programming complexity of robots is essential in robot adoption, especially for high-mix low-volume production. While teach by demonstration has been the benchmark for many years, OLRP keeps gaining popularity thanks to its versatility and user-friendliness, and recent evolutions, such as a wider commercial offering and the availability of brand-independent solutions.

Filiep Vincent

If a cobot can be used for palletising, then it can also be used for the reverse operation: depalletising. This reasoning is not entirely correct: depalletising with a cobot involves a lot of things that you need to take into account before you release the cobot on your pallets.

Samuel Milton

In a world of ever-changing demands and customisation, the batch sizes get smaller and smaller every day. This means that adaptive technology is needed more than ever in manufacturing, especially in machining processes. What is it, why is it important and how to achieve an adaptive machining process? And how can we help you?

Mark Van Pee

Most SMEs today use digital business applications such as ERP, CRM, MES and Microsoft Office applications, but that does not mean they communicate seamlessly with each other. Only through integration, however, can we exploit their full potential. Here is a brief introduction to this fascinating subject.


Eddy Kunnen

Application of and research into the reduction of friction and associated wear through small structures has been around for a long time. We provide a successful example of how the direction of the texture can provide the greatest friction reduction.

Bart Verlinden
Christophe Michiels

Production of smaller series and custom products makes manufacturing more complex and that, in turn, adds complexity to not only the production process but also to the way that operators need to work. Today, a range of digital tools are available to help operators deal with their rapidly changing and ever broader range of tasks, with each tool having its own characteristics and potential uses.

Pascal Pollet

Belgium is the fourth most productive country in the world, but our productivity growth has been sputtering. In this series, we present some practical tips that can easily boost productivity in the office and on the shop floor.

Pieter Beyl

Adding sensors, intelligence, connectivity and cloud applications to your product: easier said than done if you are less familiar with all those digital technologies. To avoid the pitfalls that lead to extra costs, delays and wrong technology choices, it is best to gain the necessary insights from the start to steer your development in the right direction. Join our group coaching session 'How to build your smart product'!

Eddy Kunnen

The build-up of ice on the wings and propellers of an aircraft, drone or wind turbine results in reduced lift or increased consumption. Ice formation may be actively and passively combated. It’s recently been shown that making the surface superhydrophobic in certain weather conditions can counteract this ice formation.