Med Tech, Health Tech… It doesn't matter what you call them: in Belgium and Wallonia, technologies devoted to medical and healthcare applications are riding high. But for them to develop, these innovative projects need a link of capital importance: the right dose of engineering, exactly where it's needed.

On June 21, the CECIMO Additive Manufacturing Conference (AMEC) will take place at the European Parliament in Brussels. Sirris will also be contributing to the event and will moderate one of the sessions.

Garsy produces metal structures for plants in public spaces. Expanding, while continuing to deliver on time or even faster was a major challenge for the future and the company wanted to tackle it as quickly as possible. They do so through investments and QRM.

Like many other products, machines have to perform better all the time, while they also need to become more compact. Even though these two challenges are not easy to combine, they are often the goal in next-generation machine designs. 3D printing can be a solution thanks to the freedom of form this production technology allows for and also because it only builds up exactly what is needed.

Duva Choc-O-Fruits is specialised in chocolate coated candied fruit. For one of its products the SME considered automating one or more production steps. The manipulation of these natural products entails specific challenges, which require a special approach.

To ensure the quality of parts produced by additive manufacturing, it is necessary to have quality powders at reception, during storage and in production. Sirris can help you characterise them.

For Analis, Sirris is developing prototype tooling for the injection of fluidic chips that include micro-details.

Sirris helped the company Fufu Cooker to design a food mixer suitable for preparing an African dish called fufu, and manufactured a functional prototype.

Does your product or machine contains a complex assembly of parts? Consider redesigning it and use the potential of additive manufacturing. Your reward: reduced complexity and lower costs while preserving full functionality!

After a qualification campaign, Sirris has obtained Airbus APWorks certification and has joined the international network of Scalmalloy® users. This high-performance alloy can now be tested by companies.