SMART is a new EUREKA Cluster Program on Advanced Manufacturing. The Second SMART Call for Projects will open on September 10th 2018. Project ideas in the area of all advanced manufacturing technologies are welcome.

At its annual Innovate event held on 13 June, Sirris demonstrated how 'Together we turn innovation into success' is much more than just a catchphrase. The event was completely dedicated to the future of your company.

During a half-day masterclass, the pioneer of the QRM philosophy Rajan Suri will make a more in-depth exploration of POLCA, an alternative for Kanban. POLCA has been especially developed for high-mix, low-volume and custom-engineered products, for which Kanban systems are less well suited.

The project AMable calls for proposals that bring forward an innovative idea of functional products that needs additive manufacturing (AM) to become real.

In increasingly more production halls, man and machine are working side by side. A recent US study presents the current situation and extensively examines various use cases, to shed light on this relatively new technology.

Sirris opens new possibilities to additive manufacturing businesses by enabling them to test 3D printing of polyurethane.

They meet with unanimous praise from designers and producers of innovative products in the industrial world. 'They' are thermoplastic composites, the qualities of which are convincing... And now facing a new challenge: how to implement these composites faster and at the lowest cost? Explanation below.

The industry is clearly booming now. The biggest problem is no longer reducing costs, but getting the flow of orders delivered on time. Quick response manufacturing (QRM) is a growth strategy for companies that want to stand out with short lead times. The QRM World Conference in Eindhoven (19-21 June) is a unique opportunity to learn all about it.

Fewer machine parts means less assembly and less complexity, which increases precision and reduces the risk of errors. This can be achieved by switching to additive manufacturing and/or adopting a machine design that lends itself to this.

In order to deliver reliable measurements, laboratories must have a functional quality management system and meet the requirements of the international ISO/IEC 17025 standard. This standard was recently updated. Sirris, which has various test laboratories, does everything required to comply with this.