Peter ten Haaf

As a machining company, are you considering investing in a new CAM system? Then you'll certainly want to consider the following points of interest!

Bart Verlinden

Customers and their products are changing rapidly, the manufacturing industry is adapting. To remain competitive, production systems must be increasingly agile and smart, with the operator taking on an increasingly important role. This calls for solutions that can reduce the physical and cognitive strain on operators, which is why Sirris set up a testing ground on operator support. The project is now coming to an end, a good opportunity to present the results!

Eddy Kunnen

In cooperation with the Swiss CERN, Sirris is evaluating the creation of cooling channels in silicon wafers by means of femtosecond (fs) laser ablation.

Jan Kempeneers

Metalworking company Malmar wanted to find out whether one of its products could be automatically post-processed. This was done to improve working conditions and increase the quality of the pieces. Tests clarified the feasibility.

Bart Teerlinck

The supply of metal 3D printing is growing strongly. Machines, materials, software, design and finishing... for each technology there are specific possibilities and challenges. Are you still with us? The new Learning Network 'Metal Additive Manufacturing' brings you knowledge and insights, provided by experts, peers and experience experts. Take part in the online information session on 6 July with no obligation!

Olivier Rigo

The draft ISO/ASTM CD 52935_ 'Additive manufacturing of metals - Qualification principles - Qualification of coordinators for metallic parts production' has changed from CD status ('Committee Draft' - the first draft of the standard development committee) to DIS ('Draft International Standard' - draft for enquiry, subject to public input).

Samuel Milton
Tom Jacobs

Cutting parameters used in machining operations are usually selected based on tool manufacturers’ catalogue recommendations or by operator's experience. This is not optimised to the application at hand. At Sirris, we can help you identify tool behaviour and tap the optimal performances in your machining processes with a simple but proven dynamics test.

Pascal Pollet

Belgium is the fourth most productive country in the world, but our productivity growth has been sputtering. In this series we present some practical tips each time to boost productivity in the office and on the shop floor.

Gunthram Cornelis

“Due to the corona crisis, we had been postponing our strategic projects. With the help of POM West-Flanders and Sirris, we are now innovating again. Now that the feasibility of our idea is definitively proven, we want to build a proof of concept as soon as possible.” This is Stefaan Dewulf, CEO of Ethilog, about his experience with the Crisis Code Cracker, Sirris’ three-part action plan aimed at helping technology companies emerge stronger from the crisis.

Tom Tourwé
Bart Verlinden

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere today. Although the term was first used as early as the 1950s, AI has gained increasing attention in recent years. The importance and potential impact of AI is estimated to be very high, also for the manufacturing industry. However, despite the great expectations, many manufacturing companies are struggling to match AI with their concrete challenges: should we take the leap, or should we wait? Agoria and Sirris will gladly guide you through this process!