Additive manufacturing as seen from the front row

In order to finalise the ‘Net shape of metal products as a key technology for mass customisation’ project appropriately, on 12 May we are going to take a look at the world of additive manufacturing at very close range. We will be doing this during a visit to two hi-tech companies. Herstal Group and Dentsply. The choice of the latter speaks for itself: thanks in part to the intense implementation of additive manufacturing the company became the Factory of the Future in 2015.

Global player in tooth implants
Dentsply Implants belongs to the absolute top league of tooth implants globally. In order to give each patient reliable and durable, custom-made implantations, the company started using digital production.  

Dentsply takes innovation very seriously, as the success of the company is based on it. By investing and building up knowledge in 3D printing technology, the company was able to make a number of significant improvements:

  • Material costs reduced by 40%.
  • Decrease in the wastage percentage from 10% to 3%.
  • Increase in completely error-free products from 60% to 90%.
  • Production time halved.

12 May: lessons learned from Dentsply’s successes

Sirris is taking a delegation to visit both Dentsply and the Herstal Group on 12 May. Would you like to join us? From your front row seat you will discover what technologies such as 3D printing could do for you.

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