Additive manufacturing with front row seats: Herstal Group

Are you seeking out inspirational examples for implementing additive manufacturing (AM) on your production floor? On 12 May, we are paying a visit to two high-tech companies making full use of AM techniques: Dentsply and Herstal Group. The latter is active globally in developing and producing weaponry and by-products for the military and civil market.

Herstal Group has been using AM for developing new products for a while now, having purchased its first printer for this purpose over 10 years ago. This was joined by brand-new specimens at the start of this year: investments demonstrating that Herstal Group is thoroughly investigating the possibilities of AM.

Small, customised series

The company furthermore wishes to implement the techniques in end production. That way, it is able to customise the small series more cost-efficiently and swiftly than the competition. The technology nowadays allows it do anything, in numerous materials.

Peak behind the scenes

During our visit on 12 May, we find out how exactly Herstal Group employs AM and Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) in developing high-tech products.

Dentsply, a world player in dental implants, is also providing a peak behind the scenes that day. Dentsply implants are produced using 3D print technology, for a reliable and long-lasting customised result.

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