Adding functionalities via laser textures now available for companies

Sirris’ Precision Manufacturing department recently presented its newest addition to the industry: the femtosecond laser machine is now ready for use by companies in our machine hall in Diepenbeek. It can be used to add functionalities to surfaces.

Self-cleaning mudguards, ice-free turbine blades, kayaks with lower friction resistance, self-lubricating machine components ... Sirris acquired a precision technology which makes it possible to build in these functionalities in the product surface: laser textures. Why? Products which are capable of responding with and to their environment are often one step ahead of their traditional counterparts. Functionalities applied to the surface can therefore create an important extra value. This is not (only) possible with coatings and therefore Sirris acquired microtextures with a femtolaser as complementary technology.

Working at low temperatures

A femtosecond laser makes it possible to generate very accurate textures - microtextures with a spot size of 20 µm and even smaller - with ultra-short pulsed lasers on all kinds of surfaces and at a low temperature. The application of a femtosecond laser therefore offers some interesting benefits to our industry:

  • No heat is transferred to the material to be worked on, which prevents the material properties from changing inadvertently.
  • There is no damage as a result of the work, such as cracks or residual tension. The result is a ‘clean’ surface.
  • The technology allows for very accurate textures, which in turn allow for superior surface functionalities.  

New addition is called Lasea LS5-1

In order to support companies which want to do something in this direction, Sirris invested in a Lasea LS5-1 femtosecond laser texture machine. This machine, which is actually Belgian top technology, allows us to conduct specific research on how surface textures can be used. In addition, the technology will be made available to interested companies via research projects, cases, etc.

On 13 June about thirty companies heard all about the options of laser textures, with a snack and a drink, and were given the opportunity to discuss potential applications for their business: functionalities such as water-resistance, colour patterns, friction-less, etc.

If you were unable to attend but would like to explore the possibilities of laser textures, please contact us, no string attached!