Added value when joining dissimilar materials

Weight reduction, higher performance, integrated functionality, etc. Are you looking for new production processes to achieve higher added value for your products? Combining different materials could provide the right solution! Sirris, BIL, Agoria and Flanders Make have organised a workshop on the subject for 24 October. We will be providing insights into the latest, modern technologies used for joining dissimilar materials.

An overview of the welding techniques used by industry for joining dissimilar materials will be given during no fewer than nine presentations.

The opportunities offered by friction welding will be illustrated by way of ten examples from the aviation, rail and automobile sectors, among others.

Friction welding (Source: KUKA Systems UK Ltd.)

Two explosive welding techniques will be discussed: explosion welding and electromagnetic pulse welding. The possibilities of explosion welding are demonstrated with applications from the maritime, automobile and rail sectors, where aluminium/steel and aluminium/coppers joints are used.     

Aluminium/steel and aluminium/copper explosion welding joints (Source: NobelClad)

Within the scope of the Join’EM project, electromagnetic pulse welding is currently being researched for material combinations aluminium/copper, aluminium/steel and aluminium/stainless steel for sheet and tubular products.

Electromagnetic pulse weld with copper and steel (Source: Belgisch Instituut voor Lastechniek)

In the diffusion welding presentation light will be shed on material combinations such as aluminium, titanium, copper and super alloys for applications in jet engines, electric cars, vacuum systems and nuclear power stations.

Diffusion welding for joining aluminium to titanium (Source : The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK)

Would you like to find out more about this and other possibilities? You can find all the information about the seminar taking place on 24 October in our agenda.

This seminar is part of the 'Multi Material Joining’ project. Sirris, Agoria, BIL and Flanders Make have joined forces to promote practical knowledge about joining technologies throughout industry. This project is supported by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO).