Industry 4.0 is built around the exchange of information between machines and higher-level systems. Connected machines and far-reaching digitisation ensure that manufacturing companies can make their production lines more flexible, secure and autonomous. For machine builders, connected machines offer the potential to develop digitally supported services.

The answer is 'of couse, we can'! But 'why?' and 'what are the ways to do it?' are the actual questions that need to be answered.

Every manufacturing process starts with collecting the right components for the job. Vanas Engineering has joined our 4.0 Made Real by Sirris initiative as technology partner. Its expertise and smart storage solutions will be at the start of our watch production guaranteeing each client gets his or her personalised watch.

Industry 4.0 is the future, that much is clear. However, what this means in practice, is not so clear. Over the past months Sirris has been building its 4.0 Made Real Pilot Factory to materialise the 'Industry 4.0' concept using nine digital building blocks. The time has finally come. We will reveal our 4.0 Made Real infrastructure on 7 November.

Carrying out inspections on business-critical objects and production installations can prevent loss of quality and production stoppages. It is preferable that these inspections are carried out on a regular basis and in the same manner. Cobots can offer suitable solutions in several cases.

Within the 4.0 made real demonstrator we’ll use innovative, but commercially available IoT technology. We’re very proud to welcome the Belgian IoT engineering company Reniver as our partner to create a transparent shop floor, using their newly developed ‘4.0 platform’.

Offering mass customization whilst remaining cost competitive requires a seamless integration from design to manufacturing. Within our new 4.0 pilot Twikit has accepted this challenge by integrating their innovation cloud platform, linking watch design with manufacturing system.

Measuring is crucial, not only in development stage but also in serial production. It’s the only way to maintain quality standards and guarantee component functionality. Therefore, we’ve invested in a VK-X1100 ultra violet confocal laser scanning microscope. It’s nice to have state-of-the-art machining equipment, such as the femtosecond laser texturing centre to create novel surface functionalities. However, you also have to measure your creations and evaluate their quality, in order to define the relationship between texture and functionality. Measurement capability is

In order to make the opportunities presented by Factory 4.0 more tangible, Sirris and two French partners, CITC and Cetim, have each built a demonstrator that is available for companies.

Keeping track of performed manufacturing operations is mandatory in almost every certification and quality process. In the past this resulted in a giant paper stack. Our new manufacturing system will use an electronic identity or eID.