Bio-based coatings as an opportunity for a sustainable business

The pressure on products of fossil origin is increasing and bio-based alternatives are gaining in importance, but there is still a lot of work to be done. This is no different in the coating industry. Early this year we kicked off the project 'Bio-based coatings: an opportunity for a sustainable company and world'.

Consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to the origin and sustainability of products and are forcing product developers to develop alternatives. This results in stricter regulations and higher environmental impact requirements. This increases the pressure on products of fossil origin. The coating industry is not escaping this either. End-users design bio-based products and prefer to see them finished with a coating from the same segment.

The new project 'Bio-based coatings: an opportunity for a sustainable company and world' supported by Sirris and Centexbel-VKC, resulted from a common interest, in response to this growing demand for products of more sustainable origin. During the project term of 36 months we would like to inform you about the possibilities in the use of bio-based building blocks and applications of these raw materials in coatings.

In the front row for innovation?

The collective project will be a collaboration between our knowledge centres and companies, in which knowledge is exchanged between end users, raw material suppliers and developers. Companies that are members of the support group can follow the project progress and the realisation of the objectives on the front row. You will become a member of a network of companies in the value chain (bioblock developers, coating producers, job coaters and end users). Based on the results (demonstrators, target formulations), you can start your own implementation process.

Would you like to participate in this project, would you like more information or would you like to discuss your own case or innovation around this theme? Contact us !

The kick-off meeting will take place on 3 March in Heverlee. Participation is free of charge.


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