Being a technology scout is a profession

Sirris has taken part in a number of prospective workshops organised by Forem, the Walloon Public Service for Employment, and aimed at defining the technology scout’s profession.

In this constantly evolving world, where vast quantities of information are rapidly disseminated, many companies feel the need to improve their command of their own environment, with regards to their competition. Whilst they don’t all employ a technology scout, many expect their employees to develop skills in the field.

However, a watch service covers a number of different themes - legal watch, technology watch, competition watch - with variable degrees of formalisation. It is therefore important that skills need be structured and evolutions in the profession identified. With this objective in mind, Forem organised several prospective workshops in 2019 aimed at defining the technology scout’s profession, by reuniting ten specialists. Highly active in watch services for decades, Sirris was invited to take part.

Abilitic2Perform, the applied method, is a skills anticipation technique, inspired by studies on strategic prospection, from which a number of tools are deployed, such as structural or morphological analysis.

Gaining command of digital tools to collect and analyse information, collaborating with Artificial Intelligence, sharpening one’s critical eye, developing a sense of analysis and coordinating a network of internal and external partners - potentially international - such are the skills that can prove particularly useful for tomorrow’s technology scout.

These workshops were followed by the compilation of a joint document, the public dissemination of which by Forem was launched a few weeks ago. You can consult the report entitled 'Métiers d'avenir : le chargé de veille' here.  (in French)

This work will, in particular, enable Forem to adapt its service offer in order to better satisfy the current needs of businesses.