Assisted living for elderly persons through user-friendly monitoring

The growing number of elderly persons is a challenge for our society. Thanks to user-friendly technologies they might be able to live independently at home for longer. In the context of the SMARTpro VIS project, Sirris set up three demonstrators illustrating the potential of combining data from different sources for advanced localisation and activity monitoring based on the technological developments realised within the project.

With our third demonstrator we focus on independent living for senior citizens, through the user-friendly monitoring of outdoor activities. The demonstrator was set up in cooperation with Gociety Solutions, a company which offers technological solutions for assisting elderly persons in their daily life.

A solution for the growing number of senior citizens in our society is to ensure that they can live independently for longer with the help of technology. Smart portable instruments, such as smartphones and smartwatches, can discreetly monitor elderly persons. This will usually involve checking someone’s location and activity level. A carer can be warned when something unusual happens to the user, for example, if someone walks around at an unusual time or is inactive for a longer period than usual. To be able to do so we use the integrated accelerometer and GPS of the existing portable technology, which allows us to identify certain habits and places visited often over a longer period of time.

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