Lower costs, plus scores of new opportunities!

If you think sustainability only means having to meet increased demands and facing increased costs, then it’s time to think again! Sustainable innovation can actually lead to cost savings, new opportunities, new markets and new services. Sirris can help you by making strategic searches and analysing the potential, as well as converting ideas into innovative processes that can actually be implemented.

Creating and retaining value by embracing the circular economy 

Pursuing sustainable income while contributing to our environment and society is a worthy and attractive endeavour. Sirris’s broad expertise can not only help you define strategic choices and identify potential, it can also assist you in converting ideas into innovative processes that can actually be implemented.

Sustainable production and efficiency

Various energy-related issues have been investigated in the many projects and activities within Sirris. In our OWI Application Lab (OWI-Lab), we dig deeper into RD&I activities in onshore and offshore wind energy by providing access to unique test and monitoring infrastructures, such as the large climatic test chamber and the R&D infrastructure for structural health monitoring. The lab also functions as an innovation cluster for offshore renewables such as offshore wind, wave & tidal energy.   

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