Smart Production

Lower volumes, more and more new products, prices under pressure, demand for ultra-short lead times and a shortage of qualified personnel: these are the challenges facing the manufacturing industry today. The answer: ‘Smart and Digital Factories’, smart digitised factories, that are agile, safe and can largely manufacture autonomously.


Designing smart production systems

Our experts support you when setting up smart production systems. Together we examine the possibilities for automated machine loading, safe human-robot interaction, user-friendly robot programming and flexible quality monitoring. In addition, Sirris helps you to implement production control processes, based on QRM technologies (quick response manufacturing). 

In the “Smart and Digital Factory Application Lab” Sirris makes available various 4.0 technologies to manufacturing companies. Thanks to the experiments and test set-ups you can evaluate the feasibility and usability of these technologies for your specific challenges, all under the guidance and with the support of our experts.

High technology infrastructure and expertise on three Sirris sites

Focus on operator support in an assembly context
More details about our expertise & infrastructure for operator support can be found hereContact our expert in Kortrijk, Christophe Michiels.

Focus on robotisation of transformative production processes (sheet working, composite production, etc.)
More about our expertise & infrastructure in robotisationContact our expert in Leuven, Manie Conradie.

• Focus on flexible production automation (within the context of fewer processes)
More about our expertise & infrastructure in flexible automationContact our expert in Hasselt – Jan Kempeneers.

4.0 made real by Sirris

Digitisation is essential for production lines that have to be increasingly faster, accurate, efficient and reliable. The answer: ‘Industry 4.0’. In practice it emerges that implementation is not so obvious. This is why Sirris built its own “4.0 made real pilot factory” of the future in Hasselt to test the feasibility of innovative 4.0 technologies and industrial applications, so that we can give companies the necessary advice and support when implementing 4.0 technologies.

The focus is on 9 themes - connected machines, transparent work floor, e-ID, data architecture, integrated quality control, machining 4.0, operator support and new production technologies.

Companies can evaluate the feasibility and usability of these technologies under the guidance and support of our experts and infrastructure in additive manufacturing, flexible automation, digital production, data innovation, software engineering, security IoT, block chain, etc.

More information about our “4.0 made real pilot factory”.