Smart Production

Modern-day challenges faced by the manufacturing industry include smaller series, a never-ending stream of new products, prices under pressure from all sides and a shortage of qualified staff. So-called 'smart factories', facilities that are flexible, safe and can turn out products virtually autonomously can provide a suitable response.

The advantages of smart production

The ever greater intelligence of machines, robots and control systems is changing the face of the shop floor, for example by enabling the recruitment of more low-skilled and, on average, older workers. Straightforward tasks can also be automated for small series, giving machine operators more time to attend to tasks with a higher added value, such as quality control, improvement projects, and so on.

Designing new production systems

Our experts will help you design your very own smart production systems by teaming up with you to assess the possibilities offered by automated machine tending, safe human-robot interaction, user-friendly robot programming and flexible quality control. At the same time, Sirris can help you implement production control processes, based on quick response manufacturing (QRM) techniques.

Smart production

Our smart production infrastructure enables companies to experiment with a robot cell for sheet metal and find out whether – and how – they can automate the fabrication of their sheet metal products. Besides conventional sheet processing techniques this facilitys also includes a robot installation for incremental sheet forming. This means that prototypes of complex shapes can be quickly produced from sheet metall.

How can we help you?

Does your company have something to gain from smart production systems? Ask Sirris to provide technological advice and suggest practical solutions, tailored to your production of small series.

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