Microfabrication opens up a number of interesting new ways for companies to set themselves apart and boost their competitiveness. These possibilities include the production of miniaturized components, microstructured surfaces and embedded electronics.

Miniaturisation in practice

Our infrastructure, expertise and extensive network of partners make our Product Development Hub the ideal one-stop shop to address a wide range of business challenges.

The Micro Products Lab in a nutshell

Within our Product Development Hub, Micro Products Lab provides broad competency and high-tech infrastructure for miniaturization in product development. Our experts offer 4 main areas of technological expertise:

  • micromachining (e.g. micromilling and wire EDM);
  • microreplication;
  • microprinting;
  • micro scale metrology.

The Micro Products Lab offers targeted assistance and is capable of developing solutions in specific application domains, including:

  1. engineering for healthcare, including microfluidics and special tooling;
  2. manufacture and replication of small components;
  3. surface functionalization;
  4. polymer optics;
  5. micromechanics;
  6. plastronics (integration of electronics into plastic products).

How can we help?

Interested in using miniaturization technologies to take products or applications to the next level? Don’t hesitate to ask our experts for advice and more information about practical solutions.

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