Your products, machinery and production equipment all have to meet ever more exacting requirements. How can you make your production more efficient, faster, more precise, quieter, cleaner and more flexible? Ask our mechatronics experts and find out how you can optimise your existing systems, master their complexity and develop products of the future.

Not only does today’s industry demand powerful machines, but also due to various regulations and their clients machine manufacturers are increasingly requesting more energy efficient machines with a higher user comfort, although not at any cost and without performance loss.

Smart sensors

Timing is crucial in the deployment of new technologies. Is now the right time to integrate smart sensors into your machines?

Model-based product development

Mechatronic systems are highly complex. Adopting a systematic approach will reduce the risk of making errors when designing or adapting your machinery.

Mechatronics offers tremendous possibilities for innovation and we will gladly pay you a visit and explain its potential for your company. So contact us if interested!

Sirris works   hand in hand with Flanders Make to make top   industrial research on mechatronics available to the industry. The knowledge   thus gained can help you drive forward your mechatronic innovations.