Product innovation goes hand in hand with a sustainable, carefully considered use of materials. Sirris has acquired expansive know-how to help companies make the best choices in this connection. We not only develop new, high-performance materials, but also invest in know-how concerning innovative technology for the development, manufacture, assembly and aftertreatment of products. The help we provide extends from the drawing board right up to the first test series. We develop brand new products, analyse their limitations, select the most suitable materials, determine their dimensions and design, manufacture prototypes and test series and even take care of product characterisation and validation. To this end, our multidisciplinary team works with the very best software, lab equipment and workplaces available.

Polymers are a great solution to operational limitations. Multimaterials (polymers, composites and/or metals combined in a single product) help to guarantee mechanical resistance or smart functions. 

Composites are already behind a number of eye-catching innovations in aviation and automotive, among other industries. They are lighter, more energy-efficient, perform better and ensure greater design freedom. The use of composites enables unique combinations of various properties.

Choosing the right metal alloy is vital for enhancing quality and extending your product’s service life. Besides, a good understanding of metals and how to process them can help cut the lead time for product development.

Coatings can be durable, easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant, antibacterial and/or water-resistant. Superior properties (e.g. a better grip) and new functions (such as self-cleaning) can open up fresh prospects for your products, for the applications of coatings are as numerous as the advantages they offer.


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