Software is omnipresent. Technological and manufacturing companies too make liberal use of it, although keeping up  can sometimes prove extremely challenging. Sirris can help you harness the full potential of innovative software and IT applications, such as cloud computing and (big) data storage. We will also tell you how to bring these innovations swiftly to market.

Thanks to the SeCloud project, Sirris became aware of the potential of collaborative innovation in different areas of cyber security. This is how the Brussels Initiative on Cyber Security Innovation (BICI) originated in collaboration with partners of the strategic platform SecurIT. This operational initiative is intended to promote and advance collaborative innovation in the field of cyber security.

No matter which industry you are in, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is drastically changing it. This brings new challenges, but also a world of opportunities. By leveraging the power of data, the EluciDATA Lab at Sirris will help you to future-proof your processes, services, or products and increase your competitive edge. Let’s join forces and connect the opportunities of AI to your business objectives.

Software and ICT are all around us. Consequently, ICT has become one of the lynchpins of innovation for developers of products and services.

  • The internet has developed into a stable channel of distribution for software products, making them just a click away from millions of potential users.
  • The wide availability of mobile and wearable devices of all shapes, sizes and formats is opening up totally new areas of application.
  • The potential of (big) data is both a threat and an opportunity, forcing industry to think about innovation in a fresh light. Companies must innovate with data.

Bringing ICT-based products to market nowadays is trickier than ever. Tapping into the latest trends necessitates a well thought-out approach on a number of levels, from engineering to product management and going to market. Sirris can assist you at all three.

Our team helps you answer these questions by adopting a unique approach focussing on three specific aspects: your business model, technology and engineering.

Sirris's experts can offer your company specific guidance to help you explore the possibilities of ICT-driven innovation.

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