The coatings market is constantly growing and evolving. New coating innovations are being marketed, but in many cases have only been tested at laboratory scale. The challenges are to optimise, apply, scale-up and industrialise coatings on real 3D products and in production. In addition, the durability of the coating on the product is a very important factor in the commercialisation of the coated product. At Sirris we can guide you through the entire process or though each part of it separately. 



Phase 1: Coating Development

Every issue regarding coatings on a process component or end product starts with an exploratory discussion in which we look at what you expect from the coating and the circumstances it will be used under. We advise you on what the best solution would be in the light of our own experience and tell you the approach you would need. We then design your coating process. It doesn't matter if this is at Sirris, at another jobcoater or in-house.

Case: VerometalGra-fix 

Phase 2: Coating selection & modification

In this phase we objectively examine which commercially available coating best meets your requirements. If necessary, we adjust the coating so that it meets all your requirements. We keep an eye on the latest innovations to make sure your coating is futureproof and point out any regulations and adjusted process parameters you need to observe when using a coating.

Case: Cebo AutomotiveEurotomatVepolaSamsonite

Phase 3: Feasibility at lab-scale 2D

After the properties the coating needs have been determined, the coating is developed and tested on a flat substrate. Amongst other things, we look at whether a pre-treatment is needed to guarantee good adhesion and how we can most effectively apply and cure the coating. 

Case: Cebo AutomotiveEurotomatVepolaSamsoniteVerometalGra-fix 

Phase 4: Characterisation & accelerated lifetime testing

When the sample has had its top coat applied, it is time to test it. In our accredited labs, we look at how the properties of the coating stand up to, for example, a scratch test, UV test or an accelerated ageing test. By testing very thoroughly we can assure you about how your coated product will behave in the future. If the coating or its adhesion to your product does not survive the tests, we will modify it until we have found the solution. Your product is now ready for upscaling. Download our brochure here.
Case: Veldeman, Cebo Automotive, Eurotomat, Vepola, Veldeman II, Samsonite, Verometal, Gra-fix 

Phase 5: Upscaling 3D

This phase is always the toughest. Information about commercial coatings are usually based on tests on small, flat samples and the manual usually also provides basic information for coating simple shapes. However, your product is usually not a simple shape but, instead, a complex product with edges and hard-to-coat parts. We also look at how you can obtain a flawless coating on your products and show you how you can do this yourself. Using the Sirris coating platform, built from industrial equipment, it is then just a small step to industrial integration. If needed, a pilot batch can also be made. 

Case: EurotomatSamsoniteAscoGra-fix 

Phase 6: Industrial integration

Now that the coating process for your product has been designed and has succeeded, you can begin industrialisation. Do you decide to use a job coater? Or do you want to integrate the coating process into your production line? In both scenarios we will assist you with our advice and help you with the set-up of the equipment, quality tests, automation and fine-tuning. We remain ready to answer your questions and can, if you wish, train your employees.

Case: SamsoniteGra-fix 

Why Sirris?

In our Smart Coating Lab we constantly focus on coating and innovation in various sectors. There is an immense number of different coatings, and the same is true for products that need to be coated. This teaches us that every case requires a unique set-up. With 35 years of experience in coating and process techniques, we are sure that we can also provide a solution for your innovation or problem. Because we have the right expertise and infrastructure, we can also shorten the lead time.

Some customer experiences

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