Advanced Manufacturing

If you want to keep up with the latest industrial developments and develop into a forward-looking company, your production processes must also remain up-to-date. You can use Sirris's network of engineers and our high-tech infrastructure to explore the tremendous potential and maybe even become a 'Factory of the Future’.

3D technology is making a massive breakthrough, as reflected by intelligent applications, mainly in the aerospace sector and manufacturing industry. Accordingly, 3D printing or 'additive manufacturing' (AM) offers a host of advantages, including the efficient use of raw materials and almost unlimited design possibilities. Sirris is one of Europe's leading AM R&D centres. With over 25 years of experience and the very latest equipment, we can help you choose the technology you need.  

Modern-day challenges faced by the manufacturing industry include smaller series, a never-ending stream of new products, prices under pressure from all sides and a shortage of qualified staff. So-called 'smart factories', facilities that are flexible, safe and can turn out products virtually autonomously can provide a suitable response.

Microfabrication opens up a number of interesting new ways for companies to set themselves apart and boost their competitiveness. These possibilities include the production of miniaturized components, microstructured surfaces and embedded electronics.

New products with innovative properties and stringent performance criteria require ever more precisely manufactured components. As a result, workpiece precision is becoming increasingly important, though greater accuracy must not be allowed to push up production costs. How can you strike the right balance here?

Made Different

Make your company futureproof. All information is available on the Made Different website. Contact our advanced manufacturing experts.

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