Anti-corrosion solutions for offshore renewable energy devices

On 13 November, Sirris together with its European partners in the NeSSIE project, organised a successful webinar in which a number of corrosion challenges related to offshore renewable energy devices were discussed. 

The goal of the NeSSIE project is to launch three demonstration projects on which anti-corrosion solutions with a potential to reduce the levelised cost of energy can be demonstrated. In order to do so, NeSSIE works together with three project developers (SSE, EMEC and Atlantis) based in Scotland, a world renown hotspot for the development of Offshore Renewable Energy technologies. Together, they cover offshore wind, wave and tidal energy generation.  

The NeSSIE project team is now looking for solution providers who want to demonstrate the potential of their technology for offshore energy devices (see our previous blog). To know more about the three project developers and their corrosion challenges, you can visit the NeSSIE website or watch a recording of the webinar (a link to this recording can be requested by sending a mail to  

Sirris invites all Belgium-based companies with solutions in the field of coating systems and application techniques, prevention of fouling, repair solutions, inspection and monitoring techniques, cathodic protection and design optimisation, to come forward and present their solution to the project developers through the expression of interest form available on the NeSSIE website.

Contact us for more information or any support you may need.