Technological industry flourishes thanks to investments and advice

In 2017 Sirris helped 1,100 customers to innovate, while 1,500 projects were finalised. The figures provided by Agoria allowed us to compare the economic performance of our customers over the last ten years with the average in the sector. This comparison taught us that our customers succeeded in creating 12 percent more added value. 

Setting the bar higher

These results are obviously positive, but no reason to rest on our laurels. If we look at the bigger picture, Belgium does not seem to belong to the European or world top in terms of innovation and digitisation: in the most recent Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) our country got stuck at number 8 in Europe. Globally we are on the 27th place in terms of innovation (Global Innovation Index 2017). The ambition for our country must be raised if we want to keep or welfare and return to the group of leading innovators. Belgium needs a strong innovation culture.

Specific investments

Sirris wants to contribute and invests more than €20 million per year in expertise and high-technology infrastructure to help companies in their innovation and digitisation. To do so we abide by the Innovation Masterplan set up by Sirris and Agoria, which gives an insight in the future trends and challenges of companies. We focus on specific topics, which offer an answer to collective challenges and which companies have to invest in to be successful in the future.

The challenges we focus on today include: the impact of digital technology on the process, product and operating model, smart and connected products and digitalised production towards Industry 4.0. These topics have also been the basis for our activities and projects throughout 2017. Read more about it in our annual report.

Herman Derache, Managing Director Sirris


Download the annual report 2017 as pdf