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Four test labs introduce themselves, live and online

One of the strengths of Sirris is its test labs. The separate laboratories all have their own specialisation and infrastructure. We believe that having separate sites is a bonus. We are even planning to add other laboratories in the near future. It was therefore time to introduce this extensive service to companies by organising a few open house days.


What makes our test labs unique is that they are embedded in a larger expertise and consultancy framework. Companies count on us to test materials and components. Our experts not only provide test results, but they explain the ramifications and provide advice.

Open lab days

On 30 May, the laboratory in Zwijnaarde introduced its infrastructure which focuses on testing metal parts during an open lab day. On 8 June, the laboratory in Seraing opened its doors. This laboratory focuses on testing plastics. This laboratory now also tests 3D-printed parts. On 15 June, our Antwerp site opened its doors. The largest climate room in Europe is housed within this laboratory. To conclude, op 30 November, the Smart Coating Application lab in Diepenbeek opened for testing. This laboratory includes extensive infrastructure to design and research functional coatings.



Test equipment to test wash and scrub resistance of coatings

In 2017, the Sirris Coating Lab purchased a TQC Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester. These machines are used to perform scrub resistance and washability tests on a coated surface.


The resistance of paint, varnish or related products against scratches, wear and colour loss due to dry or wet tearing can be determined with the TQC Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester. The machine simulates every day wear and tear caused by cleaning activities or general use. The tester can be used in pass/fail tests, by applying a specified number of strokes or a minimum number of strokes at which the coating will fail when checked on a regular basis. The washability test will be used to evaluate chemical resistance, scrub abrasion resistance, stain resistance and cleanability of easy to clean coatings or anti-graffiti coatings.


Sirris deployed the washability tester at Veldeman to test the use of cleaning products on coated canvas.


This test equipment is part of the extensive test infrastructure that Sirris has distributed over several testing laboratories at various locations.