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Conceptual engineering

Obtaining better solutions from the start

Dimensioning and adjusting drives by using CAD motion simulations

The AMoCAD TETRA (TEchnology TRAnsfer) project implemented by Ghent University’s Kortrijk Campus and Sirris researched how CAD motion simulations can be deployed to dimension and adjust drives during a period of two years. Sirris contributed towards the development of an overall approach and the applicability thereof for SMEs.


The final study day for the project took place on 14 September in Kortrijk. The focus was on finding broadly deployable tools to set up motion simulations in CAD software and the most suitable drive for applications.

Practical cases show that this approach can reduce 20% and more of the required drive torque. This reduces costs because the energy consumption decreases and a smaller motor can be used. During the study day, this innovative design approach was explained on the basis of a useful workflow. The results of various industrial cases were also discussed.

Design method to make products using electronics more reliable

Now that electronic components are being used more and more, the probability of early failure is also increasing due to the integrated electronics. The Inprovol (INtelligente PROducten met VOorspelbare Levensduur; Intelligent Products with Predictable Lifetime) VIS (Vlaams Innovatiesamenwerkingsverband; Flemish Innovation Partnerships) project has been active since 2015. It is a joint venture between Imec, Sirris and KU Leuven. The aim is to carry out research and draw up guidelines on how to determine the life cycle of electronics integrated in products in a reliable manner. Companies are informed on the project results through articles, events and webinars.


Sirris supports product manufacturers when mapping the requirements for their product, in this case the electronics in the product. Detailing the environmental conditions and physical load that an electronic module is subjected to ensures that the design of the product and the electronics can be optimally aligned to this information.