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In-depth exploration of the potential of security and privacy in the cloud 

The SeCloud project aims to accelerate the application of cloud-based options via research into security and privacy. Erasmus University College Brussels (EhB), Sirris, the University of Louvain (UCL) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) combined their expertise for this purpose. Based on the industrial problems around software intensive system development on the basis of cloud technologies, the project partners could map research interests and study the innovation potential. The research community of Brussels will enter into a partnership with companies that will come to introduce their experiences and best practices on different topics related to data security to help promote research results. 


In 2017, the third and fourth SeCloud Brokerage Event took place, both an occasion for companies and academics to meet and interact. During these events, research results and best practices were presented on a range of topics related to data security. 40 participants were present.


The JavaScript Security Workshop, also part of the SeCloud project, took place on 9 March. Based on their findings and developments researchers of VUB SOFT (Vrije Universiteit Brussels Software Languages Lab) and COMO (Computational Modeling research group) informed twenty participants on their insight into the security vulnerabilities of JavaScript and potential methods to increase the threat-resistance of the code.