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City Co-design

Cloud-based platform used to stimulate participative urban planning

The European C³PO ITEA project focuses on tackling urban design challenges via a cloud-based collaborative and semantic platform for city co-design. It is aimed at the growing market of smart cities.


The platform is aimed to include the entire urban project development process whereby cities empower, encourage and support various stakeholders such as residents, policymakers, architects, etc. when co-developing an urban project. It provides all ingredients required for a participative urban planning process. The goal of the C³PO project was not to replace or change existing applications. It can be viewed as an open and generic broker that enables the interaction between existing applications. The project wants to stimulate the capitalisation of existing applications and data sources via the integration of services or via the use of the C³PO Open API.


Sirris's role in this project was related to the concept idea, drafting for the consortium, the application and technical coordination and project management, in cooperation with Barco. 


The project received the ITEA Award of Excellence for Business impact.